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Monsta X Ray Episode 6

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In the final episode of Monsta X-Ray, the boys are given a camera and told they’re getting 2 hours to themselves to do whatever it is they want.  It was no surprise when quite a few of them went for food right off the bat, but overall, each of them chose something that suited them really well.

Let’s sum up where they all went, shall we?

Minhyuk played overwatch at a gaming cafe that looked like it was insanely fun after he had a steak with cheese meal.

Shownu visited his parents and we got to see his family home and how supportive his family is of him.

Hyungwon wrangled a meal out of the owner of a pool hall by completely owning him at pool.

I.M… worked.  On the bright side, he did get a bit more of his area set up and he was able to make a mini-song just based on him wiping his jacket.

Kihyun saw a movie, although I don’t know which.

Wonho was generous and bought gifts for the group and I.M (who’s birthday it was).

Their surprise visitor near the end was really cool, and things got a bit emotional.  It was a nice change of pace to see them open up and everything.

Video Credit: hanlightsaberxx

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  1. Cynthia March 6, 2017

    Wonhooooo!! ??

  2. Cynthia March 6, 2017

    wonhooooo oppaaaa!! ??