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Monsta X-RAY2 is coming, so prepare by watching the new version of “Beautiful”!

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Monbebe, get ready!

Not only did the boys recently release Shine Forever featuring two killer tracks, but they’re coming back with Monsta X-RAY2!

The boys released a teaser video advertising that the series would be coming soon, but in their typical style, they had to be dorks about it.  The video is actually an alternate of sorts for “Beautiful”‘s music video.  The clip was edited perfectly to incorporate fan favorites from season 1 of the reality show and matches the song to a ‘T’.

Check it out below and get ready to laugh!

UPDATE: The second teaser is even better than the first, with the boys attempting to be seductive with avocados, and eventually cracking at the end. They even have green accessories with Wonho sporting a green pompom and I.M with a green bow.

UPDATE: Shownu gains even more adoring fans with his adorable antics in the latest teaser for Monsta X-RAY 2!  Check it out below!

UPDATE: The first teaser featuring actual footage from the series has been released!  Who do you think is the best part time member?

UPDATE: Jooheon starts off his teaser as suave and looks incredible wearing a suit and bowtie, but then his dorky self kicks in as he has fun with the spray can!

Check it out below!

UPDATE: Minhyuk is messing with our minds as he jumps back and forth between a sleek sexy look to absolutely dorky actions in the latest teaser for Monsta X-RAY 2.

UPDATE: Check out this handsome teaser for the upcoming series!


UPDATE: Kihyun shows off his natural aegyo in the latest teaser for Monsta X-RAY 2!

Stay tuned for the release on July 13, 2017!

UPDATE: Monsta X’s Hyungwon goes from model to meme in his teaser clip for Monsta X-RAY 2!

UPDATE: Monsta X’s I.M stares right into the fans eyes in his teaser clip for Monsta X-RAY 2!

UPDATE: Wonho can’t keep a straight face in his teaser for Monsta X-RAY 2!


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