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Monsta X release their second teaser “Piece of Protocol Terminal”

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Monsta X is going for a colorful comeback.  The group released their first teaser ‘Piece of Protocol Terminal’ yesterday with a splash of bold colors, and their classic teal and pink.

Now, we have the second part of the teaser.  If you look closely, you can actually place piece of them together to make a full poster.  In the original teaser, the face was missing, but in the second teaser, the face is present and now the hour glass is missing.  Unlike the other teaser, this one also includes a back shot of the members.  Lined in rows of three, ironically 3 light hair and 3 dark hair lines, the two rows face the one member looking into the camera.

Stay tuned for the next teaser and check out the second Piece of Protocol Terminal below!

Monsta X Protocol Terminal 2017

Monsta X Protocol Terminal 2017


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