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Monsta X release the “Shine Forever” fan chant

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Ladies and gentlemen, get ready! You’ve got a fan chant to learn.

Monsta X has just released their fan chant for “Shine Forever“, their latest title track from their first repackaged album, Shine Forever.  We have two versions, a Hangul version and a fan transcribed romanization version for those still learning Hangul.

Check them out below and get ready to sing alongside them at their upcoming tour destinations!

The group has also been topping charts left and right, with them topping the Hanteo chart and 19 countries iTunes K-Pop charts!


shine-forever-fan-chant-hangul shine-forever-fan-chant-monsta-x

Romanizationmonsta-x-romanized-fan-chant-shine-forever-1 monsta-x-romanized-fan-chant-shine-forever-2 monsta-x-romanized-fan-chant-shine-forever-3 monsta-x-romanized-fan-chant-shine-forever-4 monsta-x-romanized-fan-chant-shine-forever-5


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