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Kpop Monsta X

Monsta X releases self-cam video for “Need U”

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One of the best things about Monsta X is the fact that they often release self-cams of their songs.  They don’t do it for the title tracks, but usually a slower, more romantic sounding piece.  Previously, they’ve done self-cam versions of “Unfair Love‘, “Rollercoaster“, and “Perfect Girl“.

This time around, the boys filmed their own music video for “Need U” from their latest album, The Clan Part 2.5 – Beautiful.  They’re enthusiastic and playful throughout the video, which is absolutely adorable.  From single shots where they’re just playing with the camera, to the constantly changing pairs doing fun little dances and serenading the camera.  In some of the shots, you can actually see the other members filming in the background.


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