Monsta X serenades us in the acoustic version of “Beautiful”

Accoustic Mosnta X beautiful Jooheon

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A slowed down, piano accompanied, beautiful version of Monsta X’s latest track, “Beautiful” was the last thing I expected to wake up to this morning.  Boy am I glad they made it though!

These boys are known for their hip-hop style and badass performances, but seeing them able to slow it down and be super romantic looking and sounding is amazing.  The filming style, costuming, and posing all gives this a romantic feel, and emphasizes the ‘boy next door’ sort of vibe.  The arrangement is gorgeous too.  The song itself is lovely with the hip-hop version, but this slower version has a beautiful piano accompaniment and the vocals and raps are slowed to the point that it’s extremely easy to hear each word.  They’re definitely spitting a different kind of fire with these soothing tones!

Check out some of the still shots too!

Acoustic Beautiful Monsta X Shownu Accoustic Mosnta X beautiful Jooheon Acoustic Beautiful Mosnta X Minhyuk Acoustic Monsta X Beautiful Hyungwon Accoustic Mosnta X beautiful Kihyun Accoustic Mosnta X beautiful Wonho Accoustic Mosnta X beautiful IM


  1. THIS IS WHAT YOU CALLED AS TOO BEAUTIFUL TO HANDLE. ? I’m seriously sobbing. They’re just too puuuuurefect!!!

  2. This song & Music Video, is tearing!!! ?? I suddenly cries when I look into Wonho~ Fightinggg Monbebe~ Let’s Make 1st WIN for Beautiful Era!! Keep Streaming everywhere you can do, youtube, genie,melon, or naver /else!! ❤❤❤❤

  3. Kihyun shownu i’m hyungwoon minhyuk joheon wonho they’re really amazing
    I love all member but my fav hyungwoon hahaha
    Hwaiting monsta x
    For monbebe keep streaming monsta x ok

  4. Minhyuk’s pic is my fav ❤ My favorite genre, accoustic + my beloved boys, Monsta X = DEFINITELY COMPLETELY PERFECT! I’m preparing for my National Examination these days and this accoustic version of Beautiful will help me studying ? btw thank you for this information ???

  5. Just listen to this precious gem. Monsta X deserves so much better because these 7 talented boys are way too underappreciated by the Korean music industry. I am and will always be a Monbebe till they reach the top. That day shall come and every hard work, every tears, every sweat from the boys will finally pay off. :’) Monbebe x Monsta X fighting!

  6. Monsta X is a very talented group. They never fails to surprised all the monbebes around the world. They are truly beautiful, amazing and talented. Thank you so much for the giveaway. God bless you all.

  7. I really want to win because I don’t have any albums of my favorite group Monsta X, pls make my day. Thank you. ㅜㅜ

  8. They are truely amazing every song in the whole album is truely a piece of work they are one of my bias groups and they never fail to impress me in anyway from look to vocals to rapping skills they deserve a win so badly they try to hard and I will try my hardest the get them there!!!!!! HWAITING MONBEBES

    Kpop amino-Julissa??
    Monbebe amino-Julissa??

  9. Ahh I love this song so much? Just when I thought the song couldn’t get any more perfect, Monsta X decides to release this masterpiece!

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