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Monsta X shakes it til they make it for ZANY TV

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Monsta X recently dropped by the ZANY TV studios and filmed 3 small episodes for their YouTube channel!  In the first segment, the boys practiced their name pronunciation and answered various questions directed at them by fans.  In the second segment, the boys get to attempt some latin dancing!

The group is broken up into two, with team 1 consisting of Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, and Jooheon, and team 2 consisting of Shownu, Wonho, and I.M.  Then, our lovely Monsta X boys have to create some latin style choreography for “Gasolina”.

As someone who grew up around this sort of music and is a fan of it, when I was watching them come up with their dances, I was laughing hysterically.  Team 1 actually incorporated dabs, yes dabs, into their dance.  Team 2 was special, with I.M leading the pack with a booty shake and them attempting something that looked like a Macarena remix.

All in all, team 1 takes the win and gets some amazing food from Brazil, while team 2 gets some snacks from Chile.  The boys being who they are, they end up sharing the treats amongst themselves.

Check out the video below and stay tuned for the 3rd episode.


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