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Monsta X shed light on the meaning behind “Shine Forever”

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Prior to the release of Shine Forever on June 19, 2017, Monsta X held a V-Live chat with fans where they discussed quite a few things, and as usual, spoiled the video before it was released.

Kihyun was in charge of introducing the track and they all debated how often “Shine Forever” was repeated, which, when you count it, was quite a lot!  The group also touched on the fact that the concept seemed far brighter than “Beautiful”, despite the fact that the content isn’t.

The music video was filmed on Jeju Island, which the members seemed to enjoy.  In the scene where Wonho is running around in a field, the group was amazed because they’d never seen such a huge pasture.  They also were fascinated by the fog and humidity, since they could easily lose one another in the fog and the humidity made their hair stick.

The boys complimented each other as the video played, though they looked rather tired after 2 days of major concerts!

Check out the full video!

For the Wonho stans out there…

V-Pick chose this pretty little clip for you.


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