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Monsta X shows us the behind the scenes footage of their ‘Beautiful’ jacket

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Monsta X looked so mature and serious in their photos for their recent album, The Clan Part 2.5 – Beautiful.  For those that are fans, you know that while they can look fancy in one picture, they’re going to do something loveably dorking in another, and this video shows us exactly that.

While the pictures turned out mature, they laughed and joked throughout the filming.  They also suffered a bit too; with Minhyuk being assaulted by glitter, Wonho almost freezing then burning his butt in the water, I.M blinding himself with a flashlight, and Shownu coughing on smoke.  All in all, their suffering led to some wonderful photos.

There were some moment during this clip that were just so “Monsta X”, like Hyungwon constantly covering his chest when it was exposed.  I.M hiding in a box and attempting to scare the life out of Wonho.  We probably could’ve just left that one at I.M hiding in a box.  The two of them, I.M and Wonho were energetic and playful throughout the clips, which made it even more entertaining.  You can tell it was a long filming too, since Wonho started eating the props on set near the end!

There’s a special treat at the end featuring Jooheon, so be sure to watch closely!


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