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Monsta X Swap Vocal And Dance Roles For “Fighter” Dance Practice

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Fans always cross their fingers and hope that their favorite groups release part swap videos.  There’s just something about watching them laugh and struggle to remember their fellow member’s parts that is beyond enjoyable.

Monsta X took it a step further.  The group didn’t just swap dance parts, they completely swapped parts and recorded it!

That’s right, they swapped the vocal parts for their new dance practice for “Fighter“. I.M and Jooheon take on their new vocal roles with ease while Minhyuk and Hyungwon live their dream and rap their hearts out.

All the while, the boys are executing their new roles in the dance without even a single stumble.  There are quite a few grins though.

Check out Monsta X’s part switch for “Fighter” below and let us know what you think!

Monsta X Fighter Part Switch


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