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Monsta X takes fans behind the scenes of Monsta X-RAY 2 Episode 1

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Monsta X were put to work serving coffee and painting nails in the first episode of their latest web series, Monsta X-RAY.  The entire thing is hilarious, and full of dorky moments that are the epitome of the group.

Now, the group takes us behind the scenes with adorable photos both at the coffee shop and the nail salon.

Check them out below!

monsta-x-ray-2-hyungwon-nails monsta-x-ray-2-shownu-nails monsta-x-ray-2-wonho-nails monsta-x-ray-2-jooheonie monsta-x-ray-2-jooheon-honey monsta-x-ray-2-jooheon-pose monsta-x-ray-2-jooheon-coffee monsta-x-ray-2-wonho monsta-x-ray-2-kihyun-coffee-prince monsta-x-ray-2-kihyun-coffee-2017 monsta-x-ray-2-wonho-coffee monsta-x-ray-2-group-shot monsta-x-ray-2-hyungwon-2 monsta-x-ray-2-hyungwon monsta-x-ray-2-shownu-minhyuk monsta-x-ray-2-shownu monsta-x-ray-2-minhyuk-dork monsta-x-ray-2-im-2017 monsta-x-ray-2-wonho-2017 monsta-x-ray-2-kihyun

If you haven’t seen the first episode, watch it here!


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