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Monsta X takes us into the individual rooms for the “Beautiful” music video

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In the previous MX episode, Monsta X took us behind the scenes of the jacket filming for their latest album.  In the latest installment in the serious, the boys take us into the individual rooms for a closer look.

What’s actually probably the most entertaining thing about this episode is how fascinated they are with each others rooms.  When they did the filming for the individual parts, each member saw their own room, but the others didn’t.  Shownu’s room got the best reaction since they were fascinated with the fact that the plants were real and it smelled so fresh!

A few of the boys tease at different meanings behind the rooms and the items in the rooms.  For instance, Shownu states that Kihyun is in the room of temperance while I.M is in the room of power/wealth. It’s hard to say whether that’s exactly what he meant, but it does shed light on things, especially when I.M states that for his set, he’s not supposed to know where he is at first, but when he realized he’s locked in a room with tons of money but no way to use it, he burns it.  Jooheon challenges fans to figure out hte hidden meaning behind the pile of rope and the doors.  He also teases and states that the hallway captures his identity.  According to the captions on the videos, the music video takes place as each of the members awakens in their room and each room carries some sort of theme.

Check it out below!


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