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Monsta X The Clan 2.5 The Final Chapter Comeback Set for March 21!

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Monsta X has made many Monbebe’s weekends this morning with their tweet about their upcoming comeback album The Clan 2.5 The Final Chapter.  Set to release on March 21, 2017, there will likely be all sorts of teaser prior to then!

Fans knew this was coming, but having an actual date to look forward to makes the comeback even better.

This album will be the final in their mini-series of albums; including The Clan Part 1: Lost and The Clan Part 2: GuiltyAlthough, it’s currently unclear whether this will be a mini-album or a full length album.

The cover image they used for advertising features the flowers and blue shade that we’ve been seeing throughout the other albums and music videos.  In each, there’s usually a representation of a blue flower, featured in pink on this teaser image.

Who else is beyond excited? I know I am.

Until the teasers start rolling, enjoy the craziness the Monsta X boys provide here and here!

Monsta X Final Chapter Album Release


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  1. Ajhyoseob March 6, 2017

    They will give us ( monbebe) amazing performamce, dance, music in2017.. it will be awsome 화이팅 몬스타엑스 ????

    1. No doubt about that! They’re gonna do amazing!

    2. Peace March 8, 2017

      I’m so excited for this >u<

  2. Jessie March 10, 2017

    Really cant waitt ????

  3. running mansee March 11, 2017

    the teasers aren’t helping at all !!! it’s counting days !!

    1. The rest of the month is going to drag on and on… 🙁 If only it was coming out sooner!

  4. Pocarz March 12, 2017

    I really curious about their comeback!

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