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Monsta X wants to tour the world in Dazed Magazine

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The 7 members of Monsta X posed together for Dazed Magazine recently.  The members took a group photo and unit photos, seen at the bottom of this article.  When asked about their group, they stated that the members are their friends and that when they have time off, the often spend it together because when they’re together it’s like a party.  It can definitely been seen in the photos and in their interactions together how close the group is.

The members of Monsta X are a group of people with excellent fashion sense.  The group each has their own style and look, which can change day by day.  In the photos, there is a mix of the casual ‘boyfriend’ look (see Shownu, I.M, Wonho, and Minhyuk’s photo) with more eccentric patterns (see Kihyun, Hyungwon, and Jooheon’s photo).

When the asked about challenges and desires for the future, the answer was that they want to be recognized as artists and tour the world.  They’re making leaps and bounds towards that goal with their most recently full length album, The Clan Part 2.5 Beautiful, topping Billboard charts around the world.  While they didn’t take home a win, they were strong contenders world wide.

Check out their photos below!

monsta-x-member-dazed-and-confused-magazine-korea monsta-x-wonho-shownu-im-minhyuk-dazed-and-confused-magazine monsta-x-jooheon-kihyun-hyungwon-dazed-and-confused-magazine

UPDATE: Even more photos have been released!  Check them out below!

monsta-x-kihyun-dazed-magazine-2017 monsta-x-jooheon-dazed-magazine-2017 mosnta-x-minhyuk-daze-magazine-2017 monsta-x-shownu-dazed-magazine-2017 monsta-x-hyungwon-dazed-2017 monsta-x-im-dazed-magazine wonho-monsta-x-dazed-magazine


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