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Monsta X was absolutely “Beautiful” in San Francisco

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Howdy folks!

I normally don’t do personal experience posts, but with me attending “Beautiful in San Francisco” and with my tickets and plans all made for KCON LA, I figured we’d make this a small, not so frequent, series.

I literally just got home from Beautiful in San Francisco with Monsta X!

This was my first K-Pop concert, and the only other foreign language concert I’ve ever attended was Dir En Grey about 10 years ago.  The first and only thing that stuck out to me in a weird was for the concert was the average age.  I think I had about 10 years on most of the attendees, but everyone enjoyed themselves, so that’s all that mattered!

The boys were obviously tired, but did their best to put on a fantastic show!  They communicated with fans in the best possible English they could, and there was even a translator so we could understand their normal conversation.

They pulled their usual antics during the concert, with Kihyun and Wonho having a shoving match while they were singing on the bench, the usual showing off the muscles, and just over all dork-like antics that we’ve all come to know and love.

They hit on every one of my favorite songs, especially “Trespass” and “Be Quiet”.  After hearing their individual stages, I’d love to be able to buy those songs too!

The fans were extremely into the group and Kihyun actually paused while he was talking a few times due to the mass amount of support!  I.M prodded him onwards while the ladies and gentlemen (there were quite a few too, including my husband) continued to show their support.

It’s amazing to see their hard work and dedication come to life in person.  Walking in the theater, after making my way to see what was left at the shop – no shirts unfortunately – It seemed a bit unreal that they were actually here.  I’ve not felt that before with bands that are in the country, especially since many of the concerts I’ve seen are California based!  It’s one thing to see them on their V-Lives, in their music videos, or in various clips on the internet, and another entirely to see them in person!

They didn’t allow cameras in, and I’m not the tallest person in the world, but I took some pictures during the event you can see down below!  We even got a few videos!  The first video below is actually prior to the concert when the music was playing!  You almost couldn’t hear it everyone was so in sync.

All-in-all, if I wasn’t already a total Monbebe (despite the fact I try to remain neutral for the website’s sake!), I’d have become one after this.

— Rach of OSKP

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PS. Hyungwon will be attending the LA shows!  On top of the Twitter announcements, the boys made the official announcement during their encore.



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