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Monsta X was live with KBSWorld K-Rush Weibo

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Monsta X met the lovely staff of KBSWorld in the parking lot as the ladies hosting ran their live stream.  Then, armed with two phones, the group made their way into the building and to a table where they jumped back and forth between the two camera being their usual dorky selves.

As they were walking back, Jooheon made sure to clear up that they are MONSTA X not MONSTER X.  We all know we’ve heard that mistake made before.

Once at the table, Shownu, I.M, Minhyuk, and Wonho were all asked who they would date if they were girls.  Probably the best answers were that Wonho and Minhyuk would date each other, which is adorable.  The two seem to admire each other a lot.  I.M called out the girls for not knowing Shownu was the leader too, with his usually cheeky smile.   On the other camera, Jooheon, Kihyun, and Hyungwon gave rapping a fun little attempt with some interesting results.

Watch the videos and you’ll see!


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  1. oh my god how often are they gonna misspell their name xD it’s become an insider lol

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