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Monsta X will be releasing a special summer track

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Monsta X just announced that they will be releasing a new summer song!  They will be releasing “Newton” on July 27, 2017!

The teaser image they released with it features all the boys, dressed for summer, sitting barefoot by the ocean on rocks.  They’re smiling and being their usual dorky selves too!

UPDATE: Kihyun, I.M, and Hyungwon are stunning in the new Monsta X teasers for “Newton”.

monsta-x-newton-2017-summer-kihyun-2 monsta-x-newton-2017-summer-kihyun monsta-x-newton-2017-summer-hywongwon-2 monsta-x-newton-2017-summer-hyungwon monsta-x-newton-2017-summer-im-2 monsta-x-newton-2017-summer-im

UPDATE: The rest of the members are here!  Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, and Jooheon take on the summer ‘boyfriend’ look in their teaser for their special track “Newton”.

monsta-x-newton-summer-song-2017-wonho-1 monsta-x-newton-summer-song-2017-wonho-2 monsta-x-newton-summer-song-2017-shownu-1 monsta-x-newton-summer-song-2017-shownu-2 monsta-x-newton-summer-song-2017-minhyuk-1 monsta-x-newton-summer-song-2017-minhyuk-2 monsta-x-newton-summer-song-2017-jooheon-1 monsta-x-newton-summer-song-2017-jooheon-2

UPDATE: The boys look handsome in the latest group teaser for Newton!


Monsta X Newton Teasers


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