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Monsta X will “Shine Forever” after this latest music video

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Monsta X didn’t cut any corners on their latest comeback track “Shine Forever” on their repackaged album, Shine Forever.  It almost feels like they took the intensity they brought with “Beautiful” and combined it with the story from “All In”, and it’s all around amazing.

The song itself isn’t a hyped dance track, but the beat will not leave you desiring more!  The almost Celtic tone of the background music fits well with the heavy electronic beat and their beautiful vocals.  The vocal distribution was actually rather well split, with most of the members taking small portions of the lines at a time so it jumped from member to member.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic of the music video…

Just a moment.

Okay, can we all just agree that these boys really go all out when it comes to aesthetic qualities in their clips?  The video, while being shot outside, doesn’t have the usual outdoor haze and the shots are clear and crisp.  It looks like they also incorporated a storyline in there with Kihyun blindfolded, possibly dead from the original car accident according to come fan theories, and the boys just traveling around and arguing a bit.  Hyungwon and I.M are also shown off on their own, much like Kihyun, which is fueling the fan theories that Minhyuk caused some sort of car accident and injured or killed some of the members.  Some of the intensity from “All In”‘s storyline can be felt here.

Check out the music video below!

Mosnta X Shine Forever


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