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Monsta X’s I.M takes a position as new MC of K-Rush

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Monsta X’s I.M is taking a position as one of the new MC’s of K-Rush, but before he can do so, he has to be properly hazed!  He has to prove he has what it takes to be an MC!

The episode actually features quite a bit, from Monsta X’s hazing of IM, to a beautiful date with Chaeyeon of DIA.  They also feature a huge set following KNK traveling to Taiwan.

In the first set, Monsta X takes him through a difficult hazing.  They challenge him to smile through anything, including getting smacked in the head.  It definitely seems like Hyungwon might have had it out for him!  Especially during the set where Jooheon and I.M were challenging each other in diction!

KNK’s adventures were long and detailed!  They wandered about and showed clips of them interacting.  Probably the best part was the zombie game where the members hid while the other tried to find them.  The episode ends with a lovely one on one with DIA’s Chaeyeon.

Check it out below!


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  1. Gosh Minhyuk, staph, like IM’s English wasn’t enough 😀

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