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Monsta X’s Japanese version of “Beautiful” will be coming in late August

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Monsta X will be releasing a Japanese version of “Beautiful”!  This will be their second single, and Mercury Tokyo Staff’s official Twitter released two teaser images to prepare fans.

Hyungwon and I.M are the first two with images released, and both are simplistic and lovely.  Both boys are decked out in black jackets and white shirts as they face the camera with their bodies angled away.

Check out the first two teasers below.

monsta-x-beautiful-japanese-teaser-im monsta-x-beautiful-japanese-teaser-hyungwon

It looks like they’re going to be releasing various teasers images prior to the full release on August 23, 2017.

The group will also be holding a high-touch and fan meet on August 26, 2017 and August 27, 2017.

Event details are as follows;
Dates: August 26, 2017 and Augsut 27, 2017
Location: Tokyo and Osaka
There will be a scratch card enclosed in the first release which will dictate which team, A or B, a person is tied to.

See more information here!

Pre-orders available here!

UPDATE: Kihyun is the next in line for teasers for the Japanese release of “Beautiful”.  In his teaser, he’s wearing a simple, black jacket with a high collared white shirt.  Like the previous two teasers, he’s angled away from the camera but looking straight at it.

Check it out below!


UPDATE: Jooheon is the next in line for Monsta X Japanese single set to drop on August 23, 2017.  The hash tag #Game_Over attached to the original Tweet with the image seems rather appropriate.


UPDATE: Minhyuk looks killer with his light hair and black and white clothing!  Check out his teaser for the “Beautiful” Japanese release below!


UPDATE: Wonho is slaying in his photo teaser for the Japanese version of “Beautiful”.


UPDATE: Shownu slays in his teasers for Monsta X’s Japanese release of “Beautiful”.




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