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Canceled: Monsta X’s Jooheon Announces Exciting Collaboration Album

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Update February 2, 2018:

As much as many fans wanted to have the album come out, it appears that it won’t be happening.  Upon the announcement of the album, netizens took offense to rapper No:el taking part.  Previously, No:el had dropped out of School Rapper because of relationship controversies.

Starship Entertainment announced the cancellation through their fan cafe.  Check out the rough translation below;

“We would like to inform you that Jooheon’s solo album, scheduled to be released on February 8, has been cancelled.  We would like to apologize to the fans who anticipated his music and waited, and will do our best to bring good music soon.  We apologize for causing controversy”.

Original Article:

Jooheon of Monsta X is preparing something special for Monbebes.

He teamed up with a variety of other artists, including No:el, Boycold, Killagramz, and Dakshood, to perform and produce a new collaboration album! As of now, it looks like there are two songs, one with No:el produced by Boycold, and one with Killagramz produced by Dakshood.

Check out his teaser below and stay tuned for the release on February 8, 2018.

Monsta X Jooheon Album

Previously he worked with fellow member Hyungwon for “Bam Bam Bam” and fellow member IM in “BeMyFriend

Monsta X Jooheon Album



  1. Joy February 1, 2018

    woah! excited to see it 🙂

  2. Meleana February 2, 2018

    I’m so excited!!

  3. Mia Abigan February 2, 2018

    super stoked for jooheonie’s upcoming collab album omg

  4. xtinachengx February 3, 2018


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