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Monsta X’s Jooheon posted a sweet Happy Birthday song for the Monbebes out there!

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Monsta X just celebrated their fanbases birthday!  Two years ago, Monbebes everywhere earned their name and officially took their their place with the boys.

The boys have always expressed their love and gratefulness for the support that their fans have provided.  They even wrote notes for their monbebe’s birthday!

Throughout the day, the group left messages and pictures for their happy following to show their appreciation, but one release shook everyone!  Jooheon dropped a special track just for Monbebe’s out there with the message that he made it for them!


Monsta X Jooheon Honey



  1. Yvette September 27, 2017

    Thank You Jooheon, I.M. and Monsta X, I will be a Monbebe forever, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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