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Monsta X’s Jooheon stole the win for OSKP’s Best Rapper poll by a landslide

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After 4 weeks of voting, the fans have spoken and voted Monsta X’s Jooheon as the winner for the 2017 Best Rapper poll hosted by One Stop K-Pop.

It was a close battle, with many other rappers getting a significant chunk of votes in each individual round, but in the end, the voters pooled together and gave Jooheon over 50% of the votes!  It was even more difficult for many fans, since both Jooheon and I.M made it into the finals so they had to pick between the two!

In the end, Jooheon snatched the win!

To commemorate the hard work of the voters and the hard work he puts into perfecting his craft, here’s a lovely little dedication to him!

Who is Jooheon?

Jooheon, born Lee Jooheon, is a rapper and song writer who joined Monsta X at the end of Mnet’s survival show No.Mercy in 2014.  He debuted with the group in May of 2015 with their first single “Trespass”, which gave fans everywhere the legendary line “Excuse my charisma”.

Prior to joining Monsta X, Jooheon was joined by Wonho, SHownu, and #Gun in a Starship Collaboration band called Nu Boyz.  They released various tracks on the companies channel, and they were LIT!

Jooheon also was part of the auditions for Mnet’s Show Me The Money 4th season in summer of 2015.  He was eliminated in the 3rd round, but was brought back for a second chance against One.

He’s released multiple mix-tapes since 2014, including tracks from Nu Boyz’s time frame, tracks from around Monsta X’s debut, and tracks that are more recent like “Future”, “OMG”, and “Be My Friend” featuring I.M.

Jooheon is one of those people that will have your head spinning.  He spits fire when he raps and will impress you with his verses, but then he turns into the aegyo king with absolutely no shame!  He also seems to have a slight love of girl dances, since he ends up learning them and performing them a lot!

He is quickly becoming a crowd favorite for his charisma, and he wasn’t laying about it in their debut track!  Even the other half of OSKP is fond of Jooheon!

As a special gift, we’ve compiled a entire mountain of Jooheon photos in the gallery below!

Monsta X Jooheon Best Rapper


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