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Monsta X’s Latest Album ‘The Connect’ Captured One Of The Top Slots In “New Music” On iTunes

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Update March 31, 2018:

Monsta X earned themselves a spot on the U.S iTunes Best of the Week chart! Their title track “Jealousy” ranked amongst The Weeknd, Cardi B and more!

Monsta X itunes feature

Original Article:

Monsta X recently made their comeback with their 6th mini album, The Connect, featuring the title track “Jealousy“.

The group soared to the top on various country’s iTunes charts, taking first, second, and third in a good number of countries. Now, the boys are being featured in iTunes new music section!  This section features new albums from artists around the world, and will remain active for a full week.  That means maximum exposure for their latest album!

The group has had a successful comeback so far, with double the album sales of their previous release, The Code.

Check out the feature below courtesy of @BlueFlower1096!

Monsta X itunes feature

Monsta X itunes feature


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  1. xChris (@mxchris_) April 2, 2018

    Monsta C Daebak!

    1. xChris (@mxchris_) April 2, 2018

      Monsta X LOL typo

  2. Maya95 April 2, 2018

    Yas my boys!

  3. ulfa April 3, 2018

    yes my men

  4. krstnfrnndz April 3, 2018

    they’re amazing as always

  5. Yes! More people can noticed them and fall in love with their music!!

  6. wintersnow April 16, 2018

    as expected of our kings

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