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Monsta X’s Minhyuk takes on light blue hair and a serious look in his teaser for ‘Shine Forever’

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Monsta X just recently released the schedule for the repackaged album, Shine Forever.  They started off their teaser promotions with a shocking, and handsome, teaser image of a dark haired Wonho followed by a light brown, almost blonde, teaser of I.M!  Next in line, a teal/blue haired Minhyuk!

With “Beautiful”, Minhyuk took on a stunning red shade of hair, so this is a definite surprise!  His outfit and the sky match him perfectly and his expression is smoldering as he glances into the camera in one image and closes his eyes in the other.

monsta-x-blue-hair-minhyuk-shine-forever monsta-x-minhyuk-shine-forever-blue-hair

Stay tuned for the next photo to release tomorrow!


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