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Monsta X’s Minhyuk tries his hand, somewhat successfully, at cooking

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Though this isn’t the first episode of Mobidic’s “99 Second Review”, it is one the first featuring Monsta X!  Minhyuk from Monsta X tries his hand at making his first tteobokki dish!  For his challenge, he had to make a spicy tteobokki, which is a spicy rice cake in the shape of a bead.  If you’re interested in trying it, check out this site; here.

This particular recipe usually calls for veggies, but this time around, he just used cheese, the rice cakes, and what I assume is red pepper paste.  A lot of red pepper paste.  He cooked with confidence, but when his manager tried it out, he said it didn’t taste good, and the lady who tried it seemed to feel the same.  Kihyun, ever the mother of the group, started correcting him on what to do when he tried!

This is an extremely entertaining series, so definitely check out the video below!


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  1. Nima May 5, 2017

    He should get a private cooking lesson from KH. XD

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