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Monsta X’s Shownu Performs Current Version Of “All Of Me” and “Add Me In”

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Anyone who watched No Mercy, the show that led to the birth of the Monsta X we know and love today, will remember the solo challenges the boys went through.

It appears that Shownu, group leader, is wanting to bring back some memories for fans.  For KNTV Power of K, he performed a more current rendition of “All Of Me” by John Legend and redid his dance for “Add Me In”.

There’s a distinct difference between his pre-debut version and his version now, but let’s see what you guys think!  Tell us what you think of the video below!


January 8, 2018

Monsta X Shownu Solo


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  1. hwijin_21 January 9, 2018

    Super duper love it!

  2. cee gee January 9, 2018

    need to watch this

  3. Frenzey January 9, 2018

    Shownu did great ❤

  4. Joyce January 9, 2018

    love his singing!!

  5. Jhobiah January 9, 2018

    That’s so cool

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