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Monsta X’s Wonho to forgo comeback showcase due to illness

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Monbebe’s everywhere, we have some unfortunate news.

Reportedly, Monsta X’s Wonho will be skipping the comeback showcase due to illness.  It’s suspected that he has meningitis, although Starship Entertainment has yet to confirm.

As of now, the statement from the MC of the showcase revealed that one of the members hadn’t been feeling well and hadn’t improved.  Starship responded to concerns by stating they would reveal more after inspections.


UPDATE: The group and company released official statements regarding Wonho’s health.  Thankfully, it isn’t meningitis, but instead a severe cold.  The group is hopefully they will appear as a whole unit soon.

With all luck, the group’s next performance will be complete with Wonho!

UPDATE: Monsta X confirms Wonho’s return to the group’s promotional activities!  His first event will be MCountdown!

Monsta X Wonho Meningitis


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