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Monsta X Blows Fans Away With Incredible New Music Video For “Jealousy”

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Monbebe everywhere, it’s finally time!

Monsta X dropped their latest music video for “Jealousy“, the intense title track of their latest mini album, The Connect.   The track itself shows off the group’s incredibly powerful vocals and intense raps smoothly with easy transitions between the two. The hook provides a chance for the vocals to shine through, which quite a few powerful notes overlaid atop the normal flow of the song.  Likewise, the raps have a chance to shine and highlight both rapper’s unique styles.

The dance incorporated with the music video is sexier than dances they’ve done in the past, which lines up with Minhyuk’s previous prediction in a V-Live recently!

The music video doesn’t let fans rest for a moment!  From the start, the video jumps from scene to scene, showcasing their dance from multiple angles and giving fans a chance to see their new moves up close in personal! Unlike their previous release, “Dramarama“, the video doesn’t have a clear storyline, but nonetheless, it has the same level of ‘wow’ factor.

Watch Monsta X make their comeback with “Jealousy” below!

monstax jealousy mv


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  1. wintersnow April 16, 2018

    I was blown away. Literally

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