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MTV Idols of Asia Featuring Monsta X

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I will admit that I probably squealed a little bit as I was watching the MTV Idols of Asia episode featuring Monsta X.  It came up on my recommended list and I popped right into it and wasn’t expecting the cuteness of a dance cover competition!

In this hour long episode, the Monsta X boys talk about their latest tracks and performances, as well as, some of those little things fans always want to know! For instance, who learns the dances fastest, who’s the most romantic, etc.

The amount of times you hear “uhh” is pretty damn funny, since they just sit there for a second before answering!

The highlight of the video was the dance covers.  It was absolutely insane what the groups were able to do, one of them only had 2 weeks to prepare a dance!  The age range of the groups was pretty widespread, with some of them AVERAGING 12!  Each group was extremely skilled and I would love to see more from their groups.  The boys seemed to enjoy the show and I’m sure they were touched by the fact these fans worked so hard to memorize their difficult choreography.

Video Credit: The One and Only – Monsta X Subs


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