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MVP takes us behind the scenes of their debut track, “Take It”

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MVP is a 7 member boy group that made their debut in early March, 2017 with the track, “Take It”.  The song is upbeat, catchy, and just an amazing dance track.  It’s a powerful song that has an incredible dance to match, and now the boys are taking us behind the scenes to see the filming of the music video!

These clips are equal parts music video filming and the boys talking.  It’s great being able to see the dance again!  I’d forgotten how energetic the track and dance were, so to see them move so smoothly.

It’s cute to see how they go from total bad boys in the video with their dance to adorable, dorky boys just messing around when the cameras are off.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their music video for “Take It“! If you like more hardcore songs and a bad boy image, these boys will definitely be right up your alley


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