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Girl Group My Darling (마이달링) Make their “Dramatic” (드라마틱) Debut

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Girl group “My Darling” (마이달링) made their “Dramatic” (드라마틱) debut on April 25th, 2018!

The new girl group consists of four members Seora, Habyeol, Naye, and Danmi. The girls made their official debut with their track “Dramatic” on April 25th, 2018.

The video itself is simple and cute. Nothing about it was too over the top, and was clearly meant to further the meaning of the song and present the girls talents in a neat and effective manner. Which is extremely well thought out for a debut video. Visually, the music video puts a lot of emphasis on the “sweet” image that the girls have, especially with it’s use of soft lighting and light pastel colors. This aspect makes the video light-hearted and easy to watch and enjoy.

In addition to the cute music video the song itself is really sweet,as well as the dance that accompanies it. In the song the girls talk about falling in love and it seeming to be too good to be true. They express their joy and excitement over falling in love, as well as their thoughts on it being too good to be true. The lyrics are very relatable to anyone who’s ever been in love or has simply had a crush on someone. Lyrically the song is great and very enjoyable, but when it’s paired with the lovely vocals of the My Darling members it excels to an entirely new level.

Another great addition to the video is it’s choreography which fits very well in the theme and feel of the music video as a whole. In terms of the girls’ overall talents as a group, I am very excited to see how they continue to improve and grow as artists moving forward. They are certainly a group we will be keeping our eyes on.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out their debut MV you can do so here! Of course we here at OSKP always want to know your thoughts so don’t forget to leave us a comment!

My Darling Dramatic mv


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