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OSKP Mary’s Top 10 Hype Songs!

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OSKP wants to give you a chance to get to know all of the writers better!  So, what better way to do that than to share their top 10 lists!  Meet our writer Mary!

Hello! This is going to be a personal “ranking” of the songs that are able to get the 100% of me, make me stand up and jump along to the music! (a real show watching it live I assure you). I apologize in advance because it is going to be all male artists, I am picky with female voices (I really love Heize though).

First of all, let me say it is challenging to actually give a number to all these songs, had I written this tomorrow or yesterday, it might have been different. But well, I can share them all anyway no matter the rank!

10 Vromance – She

In case you don’t know them, Vromance (브로맨스) is a vocal group from the same company as MAMAMOO (RBW). This song does not just let me enjoy their amazing voices but also has a fun melody that gets me in a great mood!

9 VIXX – Dynamite

I believe that this song simply gets me into dancing mood really fast. I guess it’s the ups and downs the melody has that provokes this, as well as the “One shot, two shot” from Hongbin haha!

8 NCT 127 – Fire Truck

Whoop! Whoop! Ironically this song is a pretty fiery one. It explodes several times throughout the song and until this day it remains my favorite title track from NCT 127.

7 SEVENTEEN – Very Nice

Another track related to explosions, but in a cuter way. Seventeen makes me happy when I listen to them, it’s unavoidable. Plus the energy of the choreography is dangerously contagious.

6 MOBB – Hit Me

This song is basically a calling to get out and party! I love Bobby’s rapping voice along with Mina, they are a perfect combo. I am actually sad there will be no more MOBB because they are just my style.

5 BAP – Feel So Good

Having a bad day? BAP has the perfect kind of medicine for you. Be it this song or “That’s My Jam”, they never fail to bring a smile to me and make me shake my arms around.


“You Only Live Once” is what defines this song indeed. I am going to miss MADTOWN as a whole so much but their songs will keep making me go through many different types of emotions.

3 IMFACT – Tension Up

You know that song that you feel you can’t stop reproducing until it’s finally over? This is that song for me, it feels like you are the party pooper if you do so cuz it’s a constant party. The music video is also colorful and fun!

2 BLOCK B – Very Good

Yes, Block B did that. I honesty had trouble choosing which of their songs is the most explosive and addictive on for me! They are fun, crazy and have some amazing music that suits exactly my taste.

1 G-Dragon – CRAYON

This is my all-time song, G-Dragon is my ultimate bias ever since I got into k-pop. This song might not be his best song, but for me it’s THAT SONG, the one that can cheer me up, makes go crazy and forget it all! I am really thankful he GOT THAT CRAZY ON and showed us this side.

Hope you enjoyed going through my list! Please, feel free to comment which are your favorite hype songs!

Top 10 K-Pop Hype Songs



  1. pat alatorre December 1, 2017

    LOVE THIS. there are some groups i hadn’t heard of before and some great songs i’d kind of forgotten about lol definitely adding these to my playlist ???

  2. Emia Ester Kembaren December 1, 2017

    I love how Crayon is here < 3 OSKP jjang!

  3. riseok December 1, 2017

    yas i love them all? they always make me dance and be happy

  4. Elaine December 1, 2017

    G-dragon and B.A.P mentioned in the same article ? I love Kings ?

  5. linda December 1, 2017

    B.A.P feel so good Oh yeahh ?

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