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N.Flying Are Honorary Ambassadors For Potatoes

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N.Flying’s most recent comeback with “Hot Potato” certainly captured some attention!  Thanks to the track, the boys became honorary ambassadors of potatoes!

In their comeback showcase, the boys mentioned that they wanted to be ambassadors of Gangwon Province’s potatoes, and the potato fairies were looking out for them.  The representative of the Agricultural Cooperative of Gangwon Potatoes stated that the boys were healthy and cheerful and he thought that they would fit the role perfectly.  The potatoes are the pride of the Gangwon Province’s farmers, and the representative is hopeful that the group can inform people about them.

The group uploaded the appointing ceremony photo with “Dreams Do Come True” written below.  Along with that, they praised the potatoes of Gangwon Province and stated they would do their best to promote them!

NFlying Potatoes


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  1. luckicandigirl January 31, 2018

    so cute!

  2. Katielilac January 31, 2018


  3. vitamin_dokyeom February 1, 2018

    hahaha i love it

  4. luckicandigirl February 1, 2018


  5. spiritedyoo February 5, 2018

    omg that’s amazing

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