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N.Flying Return With Lovely New Music Video For “How R U Today”

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Update May 23, 2018:

N.Flying teamed up with Dingo Music for an attempt at an ASMR lyrics video or “How R U Today”.  Despite the video being about the lyrics, the antics of the other members in the back are distracting enough to take your attention straight away!  Watch these dorky boys struggle to contain their laughs in the video below.

Update May 20, 2018:

N.Flying dropped a surprise music video featuring the lyrics of their latest track “How R U Today”.  The new music video helps fans learn the lyrics to the track while getting stunning close up shots of the members.

Check it out below.

Original Article:

N.Flying definitely changed things up in their latest music video for “How R U Today“!

The new style featured in the track has a trendy new alternative rock vibe as the boys sing about emotions following a separation.  The video follows the boys as they hang out, with each showing drastic transformations and weight loss.

The new style gives the group a chance to showcase their vocal and playing skills even more.  Not only that, but they’re able to show off their stunning visuals with the breathtaking music video.

Watch N.Flying return with their music video for “How R U Today” below.

N.flying how r u today mv


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