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NCT 127 releases 3 focus videos for “Cherry Bomb” for Yuta, WinWin, and Taeyong

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NCT 127 released 3 dance practice focus videos featuring WinWin, Yuta, and Taeyong for their latest track, “Cherry Bomb”.  Each video has the focus cam on one side and the original dance practice clip on the other.

While the original dance practice shows the dance clearly and you can see its complexity, these focus cams give you a whole new perspective.  With how many moves and how powerful they are, it’s no wonder there have been reports of the boys splitting their pants when performing!

Check out the three clips below!

UPDATE: 3 more focus videos have been released!  This time we get a focus video for Jaehyun, Mark, and Doyoung!

Check them out below!

UPDATE: 3 additional focus videos have been released for Johnny, Haechan, and Taeil.


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