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NCT 127 releases teaser image, clips, and overhauls their website for ‘Cherry Bomb’

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After dropping a mysterious teaser this weekend, NCT 127 has started off with their individual teaser images!  There are three unique teaser images for Taeyong, WinWin, and Doyoung for the upcoming concept.  The photos range from playful to serious.  They also released little 8-bit teasers on their Instagram.


nct-127-cherry-bomb-cartoon nct-127-cherry-bomb-pink doyoungnct-127-cherry-bomb doyoungnct-127-cherry-bomb winwin-nct-127-cherry-bomb nct-127-winwin

The three members also got small clips focusing solely on them!


Their website got a complete overhaul as well, with little 8-bit characters running around the screen that you can interact with.  There are borders with cherry bomb themes that can be downloaded as well.

Their 3rd mini album will be titled NCT #127 Cherry Bomb will be released on June 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm KST!

UPDATE: There are three new videos and images for 3 more members!

nct-127-cherry-bomb-o-3 nct-127-cherry-bomb-o-2 nct-127-cherry-bomb-o-1 nct-127-cherry-bomb-Jaehyun-3 nct-127-cherry-bomb-Jaehyun-2 nct-127-cherry-bomb-haechan-3 nct-127-cherry-bomb-haechan-2 nct-127-cherry-bomb-haechan

UPDATE: Teasers have been released for Johnny, Taeil, and Mark for the upcoming release of Cherry Bomb on June 14, 2017.

nct-127-cherry-bomb-mark-2 nct-127-taeil-cherry-bomb-1 nct-127-cherry-bomb-taeil-2 nct-127-taeil-cherry-bomb-3 nct-127-cherry-bomb-mark-3 nct-127-cherry-bomb-johnny-1 nct-127-cherry-bomb-2-johnny nct-127-johnny-cherry-bomb-3 nct-127-cherry-bomb-mark-1


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