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NCT Dream drops surprise teaser clip of Mark for “We Young”

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SM Entertainment is trying to kill their fans.  At least, that’s the current theory.  Just a short while ago, they released a teaser clip for NCT Dream’s Mark out of seemingly nowhere.

The clip features his face centered in what appears to be a sort of picture frame.  Cartoon like creatures and characters wander across the screen and his eyes follow a few of them.

Check out the first teaser clip below and stay tuned… There will be more.

nct-dream-mark-1st-mini-album-2017-1 nct-dream-mark-1st-mini-album-2017-2 nct-dream-mark-1st-mini-album-2017-3 nct-dream-mark-1st-mini-album-2017-4

UPDATE:  The group’s first mini album, We Young will be released on August 17, 2017 at 6:00 pm KST.

UPDATE: Chenle is probably one of the only people who can easily pull off a sailor themed outfit while still looking like a model!

His video teaser and photo teasers were just released, and he’s completely slaying the sailor look and purple/pink tinted hair.


nct-dream-chenle-teaser-sailor-2 nct-dream-chenle-teaser-sailor-3 nct-dream-chenle-teaser-sailor-4

UPDATE: There aren’t many who could pull off bright blue hair, but the maknae of NCT Dream, Jisung, seems to be one of the few who can!

nct-dream-jisung-blue-sailor-mickey-4 nct-dream-jisung-blue-sailor-mickey-3 nct-dream-jisung-blue-sailor-mickey-2 nct-dream-jisung-blue-sailor-mickey-1

UPDATE: Haechan is joining the club with his vibrant hair and adorable sailor look on the beach!

nct-dream-we-young-haechan4 nct-dream-we-young-haechan3 nct-dream-we-young-haechan2 nct-dream-we-young-haechan

UPDATE: NCT Dream are sending arrows straight through our hearts with Renjun’s teasers!

nct-dream-renjun-4 nct-dream-renjun-3 nct-dream-renjun-2 nct-dream-renjun-1

UPDATE: NCT Dream’s Jeno is next up for the stunning teaser video and photos to be released!

nct-dream-jeno3 nct-dream-jeno2 nct-dream-jeno1 nct-dream-jeno

UPDATE: You won’t want to miss these stunning group teasers!  The boys seem to be all for having some fun on the beach!

nct-dream-group-photo-we-young-2 nct-dream-group-photo-we-young-1 nct-dream-group-photo-we-young nct-dream-blue-group-photo-we-young

UDPATE: NCT Dream released a few more teaser images as well as a Chinese and Korean version of the title track from their upcoming album!



UPDATE: The track list looks like it was hand drawn on the back of a post card, and it’s too precious for words!

nct-dream-we-young nct-dream-we-young-tracklist

UPDATE: NCT Dream releases more photos!

nct-dream-we-young13 nct-dream-we-young12 nct-dream-we-young1


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