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NCT Dream Release New Teaser Clip And Teaser Photos For ‘Go Up’

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Update August 30, 2018:

Along with a handsome set of new teaser images, NCT Dream released the stunning music video teaser for “We Go Up”.  The teaser cycles through various scenes of the guys and is all visuals!

Watch the clip below and be sure to check out the teaser images.


markchenlejaeminhaechanjenorenjunUpdate August 27, 2018:

NCT Dream released an adorable new teaser photo and video for their upcoming return!  Check them out below.

nct-dream-goupUpdate August 26, 2018:

The latest teasers are here!  Each member featured in individual video clips.  Watch them below.


Update August 25, 2018:

NCT Dream released another teaser for their upcoming return!  The cute and bubbly teaser previews their upcoming album!  Watch NCT Dream’s “Dear DREAM” video below.

Update August 23, 2018:

NCT Dream introduces their members in the most adorable way possible in their latest teaser for We Go Up.  The “Dream Ceremony” features each members grinning their ears off!

Watch the adorable members in the clip below.

Update August 22, 2018:

NCT Dream released the schedule for their upcoming return!

There’s quite a few teasers in store for us fans for the group’s upcoming return with We Go Up.

Check out the schedule below and get ready for the September 3, 2018 release!

nct-dream2Update August 20, 2018:

NCT Dream release the first of the teasers for their upcoming return with Go Up on September 3, 2018! Check it out below.

dream-go-upOriginal Article:

NCT Dream announced details for their upcoming return!

The group dropped their first teaser image for their upcoming return with their second mini album, We Go Up.  The mini album will contain 6 tracks in total including the title track “Go Up” which is a hip hop meets urban style showing their passion.

The album is set to release on September 3, 2018.

Check out the teaser below.

NCT-DreamNct dream we go up teasers


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