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Nell will be releasing their first single of 2017 in July

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Nell, a Korean indie rock band that’s been gracing the stage with fantastic music since 2001, will be releasing their first track of 2017!

The group, currently under the independent label, Space Bohemian, consists of  lead vocalist, keyboardist and guitarist Kim Jong-wan, bass guitarist Lee Jung-hoon, lead guitarist Lee Jae-kyong, and drummer Jung Jae-won.  Their last release was in August of 2016, marking this new single release as being almost a full year after their first full album, C was released.

The group released a teaser for their new single being released on July 25, 2017 at 6:00 pm KST.  The track, “Broken”, goes back to their indie days in sound, but has a far more aggressive set of lyrics that just didn’t quite make the cut on their album.

The song was played during their concert, WE ARE, where numerous fans called for the track to be released!

Check out the teaser below and stay tuned!


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