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New Boy Group Newkidd Release Trailers For Pre-Debut Single

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J-Flo Entertainment will be debuting a brand new boy group!  The group, composed of a rather young collection of members, with most of them still in high school, will make their debut in 2018.  Currently, the group is preparing to release a pre-debut single on November 30, 2017.

The single, “Will You Be Ma…” will be performed by only 4 of the members rather than the entire group.  The track is designed to introduce the members and style prior to their debut.  The four members participating in the first unit are Yunmin, Jinkwon, Woochul, and Ji Hansol (currently on The Unit).

The group shared both a new logo and trailers for the release!

Check them out below!

Newkidd predebut single

Newkidd predebut single


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