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New Girl Group 1NB (원앤비) Makes Debut With Dramatic Music Video For “Where U At” (뮤직비디오)

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1NB (원앤비) isn’t afraid of breaking the mold and they certainly show it in their title track from their first album!  Their title track “Where U At” (뮤직비디오) is a horror themed music video, much like “Stalker” which was one of their pre-debut tracks released in February of 2017.

The five member group embraced their beautiful vocals, which sound quite different than the normal ‘cute’ concept vocals, and go for a more mature theme in their debut music video.Their newest music video teaser for “Where U At”  mixes a sexy vibe with a horror filled gore scene.

The video might take a few watches to fully follow the story, but it appears the man starring in it was two-timing these lovely ladies, so they decide to take matters into their own hands.  Probably the most striking piece of this music video, and mostly in a way that it’s just shocking, is the make out scene.  While not overly explicit, it’s not a common place  feature for K-Pop music videos!  The lovely ladies incorporated the controversial topic smoothly into the video without being explicit.

The music video shifts from from them and the guy to a gory, blood filled ending, with the girls potentially eating him at the end (although we are hoping not!).

Check out 1NB’s debut with “Where U At” below!

1NB Where U At Music Video


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  1. Sirishaxoxo December 4, 2017


  2. Giselle December 6, 2017

    I like the song. I’ll definitely check their other songs some other day.

  3. HNH December 6, 2017


  4. Maya95 December 13, 2017

    Thanks to you I discovered this group. They are amazing!

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