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New Girl Group Neon Punch Introduces Member Daeyeon In Teaser For “Moonlight”

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Update June 21, 2018:

It looks like the line up for the ladies of Neon Punch might have changed a bit, with members Teri and Mei being included.

The group released the first video teaser for Dayeon for their upcoming debut.  Check out the teaser below and stay tuned for their debut single “Moonlight” set to release on June 27, 2018.

Original Article:

There’s a new girl group coming!  A100 Entertainment has a 5 member group called Neon Punch that they’re preparing for debut.

The group, consisting of Ahrang, Baekah, Dayeon, Hajung, and Ian are preparing a web reality show as they gear up for debut!  While there is no official debut date so far, they have released a few group teaser images.

Check it out below!

Neon Punch Teasers Neon Punch Teasers Neon Punch Teasers Neon Punch Teasers

Neon Punch Teasers


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