New Yang Nam Show featuring Got7’s Robot and Minion

New Yang Nam Show Never Ever Got 7

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On Episode 6 of the New Yan Nam Show that aired on March 30, 2017, Got7 was given the challenge of singing their newest title, “Never Ever”, with voice altering microphones.  The kicker for it? They couldn’t laugh.

Most of them failed miserably. I can’t say I blame them though, I just about died laughing when BamBam and JB started singing.

Highlights for this include the fact that BamBam, for some unknown but absolutely perfect reason, got the most high-pitched, squeaky voice for his!  His raps, when he wasn’t rolling around dying slowly of lack of oxygen, killed me.  Not to mention his “brrr!”, which sounds strange to begin with, but mixed with the squeak, was hilarious.

JB became a robot.  His voice changed so many times with his mic!  His highlight is around the 2:40 mark for his high note, as a robot.  For those familiar with Futurama, picture Bender singing and you’ve pretty much got it covered.