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NOIR Drops Focus Dance Practice Video For Debut Track “Gangsta”

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Update May 3, 2018:

Shin Seunghoon and Kim Siheon feature in the next two focus cam videos.

Update April 30, 2018:

NOIR member Kim Daewon is the next member to star in the dance performance version of “Gangsta”.  Watch it below.

Update April 28, 2018:

Kim Minhyuk is the next idol from NOIR to have his focus cam released for their debut track “Gangsta”.  Watch it below!

Update April 27, 2018:

Kim Yeonkuk stars in the next focus cam dance practice for “Gangsta”!

Update April 26, 2018:

Yang Siha and Rye Hoyeon are the next two members to have their “Gangsta” focus cams released. Watch them below.

Original Article:

NOIR is spoiling fans early!

After making their debut with Twenty’s Noir featuring the title track “Gangsta“, the group dropped a killer dance practice.  Now, the group is slowly releasing individual dance performances for their debut track.  Lee Junyong and Nam Yunsung are the first two members to have their dance practice for “Gangsta” released.  This isn’t like most focus cams; the camera practically follows with them, with whoever is filming following the boys like a hawk.

Watch NOIR’s members show off their intensity in their “Gangsta” dance practice below.

NOIR Dance Practice Gangsta


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  1. Mardhiah Omar April 25, 2018

    If their dance practice the other day make me fall for them, this time it makes my heart skips too many beats because I just cant keep my eyes off them!! I already love them so much!! <3

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