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NOIR Brings Their A-Game With The Music Video Teaser For “Airplane Mode”

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Update September 29, 2018:

NOIR has fans excited with the intense new teaser for their upcoming music video for “Airplane Mode”!  Watch it below!

Update September 28, 2018:

NOIR release Daewon’s teaser for the group’s upcoming comeback.


Update September 27, 2018:

NOIR’s Minhyuk features in the next teaser for the group’s upcoming return.



Update September 26, 2018:

Siha features in NOIR’s next set of teasers for their upcoming return.  Check out his teasers below.


Update September 24, 2018:

NOIR released even more teaser images for the members!  This time around, Rye Hoyeon featured in his teaser image and clip.

hoyeon 2hoyeon

Update September 22, 2018:

NOIR released the album preview for their upcoming return with “TOPGUN”.  if you weren’t already excited for the tracks on this album, you certainly will be after these clips!

Watch the highlight medley below.

Update September 20, 2018:

Kim Siheon is the next member of NOIR to have his teaser images released!  Check out these gorgeous eyes.

Take a look at his teasers below.


Update September 19, 2018:

NOIR’s Yunsung is the next member to be featured in the teaser for their upcoming return. Check out his handsome teasers below.


Update September 18, 2018:

NOIR’s Junyong is the next member to feature in teasers for the group’s upcoming comeback.  Check them out below.



Update September 17, 2018:

NOIR releases the teaser image and teaser video for Kim Yeonkuk.  Check out the teaser below.


Update September 16, 2018:

NOIR released the teaser images and video for member Seunghoon!  Check the teasers out below.


Update September 15, 2018:

NOIR released the track list for their upcoming second mini album, TOPGUN.

The group will be returning will 5 new tracks and one introduction.  Check out the track list below.

noir-topgun-track-listOriginal Article:

NOIR is preparing to make their return with their second mini album, TOPGUN.

NOIR made their debut this year with the track “Gangsta“, and they’ll now be making their return with TOPGUN.  It looks like their title track might be called “Airplane Mode” if their first teaser image is any indicator.

Along with the first teaser image, the group also dropped the scheduler for the plethora of teaser images they’ll be dropping.

Check out both the scheduler and first teaser image below!


NOIR Topgun Teasers


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