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Kpop N.tic (New-Ace) News

N.tic Drop Incredible Music Video For ‘내가 누군지 아니’

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Update October 25, 2018:

The music video has been released!  Check it out below.

Update October 23, 2018:

N.tic released another handsome wave of teasers!  Check them out below.

n-ticn-ticn-ticn-ticn-ticn-ticUpdate October 21, 2018:

With the release date of October 23, 2018 right around the corner, N.tic dropped more individual teasers!  Check them out below.

ntic-2018ntic-2018ntic-2018Update October 18, 2018:

More teasers were released for N.tic’s upcoming return. Check them out below.

ntic-2018ntic-2018ntic-2018ntic-2018ntic-2018Update October 14, 2018:

N.tic released set of teasers for their upcoming return!  Check them out below.

ntic-2018-teaser2Original Article:

N.tic will be making their comeback on October 23, 2018 with their second album, 내가 누군지 아니.

So far, the boys have graced fans with stunning new teaser images of various themes.  Each one of the teasers is more visual than the last!

Check out the teasers below and stay tuned for N.tic’s magical return with 내가 누군지 아니!

ntic 내가 누군지 아니ntic 내가 누군지 아니ntic 내가 누군지 아니ntic 내가 누군지 아니ntic 내가 누군지 아니ntic 내가 누군지 아니ntic 내가 누군지 아니ntic 내가 누군지 아니ntic 내가 누군지 아니ntic 내가 누군지 아니


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