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NU’EST Announce Their Official Colors After 6 years!

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NU’EST dropped their official colors as their first official announcement of 2018!

NU’EST revealed their official colors through their social media accounts to their L.O.Λ.Es (their official fan club). For their colors they chose deep teal and vivid pink to represent the respective groups. They included the message that they chose those colors and hope that their fans will continue to love and support them.  They also used the hashtag .

The group used those colors for various events in the past.

Check out their colors below!

NUEST Official Colors

NUEST Official Colors


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  1. unknown January 1, 2018


  2. Maya95 January 1, 2018

    They are so pretty! I’m glad to see Nu’est doing better these days

  3. hwijin_21 January 1, 2018

    OMG! Those are such beautiful colors. Love it~
    They deserve the world’s love indeed.

  4. Kats January 1, 2018

    After so many years~ they look really pretty. So happy for them.

  5. Annabel Wyeth January 1, 2018

    Woah finally! And they’re really pretty!!

  6. Hong Jeylee Camille January 1, 2018

    Really nice though a more red tone would be better.

  7. LizHinazuki97 January 1, 2018

    finally!! I’m so happy to see nuest having the recognition they deserve!! ??

  8. Dylan Joyner January 1, 2018

    I’m so happy for them❤️

  9. Kugy January 2, 2018

    It’s so meaningful! Love it!

  10. Carol January 2, 2018

    I love them so much

  11. Jisungluv January 2, 2018

    proud of them!

  12. Joyce January 2, 2018

    the colors are so pretty ?

  13. Emily January 3, 2018

    Yay! I love these colors sm?

  14. Sabina January 3, 2018


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