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NU’EST members are hoping for a fresh start on Produce 101 Season 2

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NU’EST is a group under Pledis Entertainment that consists of 5 members.  They debuted in 2012 with so much potential, but for some reason, had difficulty gaining popularity.

Fans were surprised when it was announced that four of the members, Baekho, JR, Ren, and Minhyun, would be participating in Produce 101 Season 2 amongst the fresh blood trainees.

In a heartbreaking interview, they shared that they joined out of sheer desparation.  They stated that “I want to be like that, and I want to be like the kids of Seventeen”.  While they were onstage for their evaluation, the trainer Kahi cried because she felt horrible that they were up there trying so hard just to get by.

The first episode aired on April 7, 2017 and the boys were given their rankings based on performance. Minhyun only achieved a C scoring, while the others scored D’s.  Despite that, many are concerned that their established fanbase might cause some inequality with future competition.

Despite their difficulties, the boys have stayed together for 5 long years and continue to work hard to pursue their dreams.  I actually remember hearing their song “Face” when it came out 5 years ago before I even knew what K-Pop was!  As of today, it has 59 million views! The group has the talent and ability to do amazing, so let’s cheer for them!


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  1. I feel so bad on how unfortunate they are, debuted under Pledis.. Kahi know how they feel for trying this hard.. :'(

  2. This is so sad. Even tho I’m (only) Monbebe now, Nuest and BAP are the ones that got me into kpop. They will always be special to me ?

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