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NU’EST W drops their special single “If You” for fans

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NU’EST W released a special track for their fans online on July 25, 2017 at 6:00 pm. “If You” features the boys singing about their sorrows over not being able to be with their special someone.

The soft piano backing up the sweet vocals and smooth rap are soothing.  The entire track just has a ‘feel good’ vibe to it, especially when they say they ‘wanna turn back the time they had’.

Check out their track below!

UPDATE: NU’EST W released a few more of their profile pictures to say ‘thank you’ to their fans for their support with the group’s latest single “If You”.

Check out the photos below!

nuest-thank-you-if-you-2017-3 nuest-thank-you-if-you-2017-2 nuest-thank-you-if-you-2017-1


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